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Come Work With Us

About Our Employment Program 

Building Beginnings offers a wide variety of employment opportunities to help teach new skills that helps an individual build the confidence and stability they need in early recovery.  Many people have told us how thankful they are for the employment opportunites because new jobs are filled with many triggers pose a threat to early recovery, and now they are a place of accountability and recovery.   We place each individual in the best employment option that meets their ability to help them learn new skills that will help build the characteristics for the career they always wanted.  We have many temporary jobs and career options available depending on the goals of each individual. We make sure that each employee has transportation to and from the job site because we know that many people do not have a car or even a drivers license in early recovery.  We have found supportive employers that are willing to hire people who traditionally struggle with background checks and who may have legal charges that make it difficult to be find employment. Come join our family.  

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