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Building Beginnings believes that it is time for a change in way addiction treatment is done and we are committed to that change.  We commit to help every person that walks through our door whether they have financial resources or not. 


We provide affordable housing and meaningful employment that pays for their own treatment experience because we believe that Self-sufficiency is the backbone to recovery.   We offer transportation to the jobs we provide and to treatment as well.  We believe that when people live together, work together and go to treatment together, they are a lot more successful due to the accountability they have throughout the day.  We help create close a family unit to create close bonds of support to help people feel loved and accepted while they battle their addiction.


Our main goal is to establish Self-Sufficiency by providing employment opportunities, quality addiction treatment, and sense of community so that an individual can find ultimate purpose and meaning through the negative experiences of their life. 


Building Beginnings started with 38 dollars in the bank, four clients, and a dream to help those that didn't have the resources to help themselves.  


We have now average over 30 clients and the success that we have seen has been astounding for 1,000 people we have helped since our establishment in 2017. Our company started as an employee and transportation service for people in early recovery from drugs and alcohol and with the success of that we expanded to provide affordable housing and affordable high quality addiction treatment.  

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