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Clinical Director

Jory is Building Beginnings Clinical Director and has served as Clinical Director at several well known residential treatment centers in Utah.  Jory is known not only as a brilliant clinician but as a client advocate.  Jory fights relentlessly to provide quality treatment and meaningful experiential therapy.  Jory is a graduate of Utah Valley University where he studied psychology and substance use disorder counseling.  He graduated with his Masters of Social Work at Utah State University and he is currently working on his Doctorate of Psychology at California Southern University.  



Executive Director

Brett Griffiths' dream is to provide help to those struggling to overcome addiction and find the hope and support they need to stay sober. After successfully running his construction company and providing sober work and support for a dozen employees, he wanted to expand and help anyone and everyone who truly wanted to stay sober.



Program Director

Mads keeps Building Beginnings running like clockwork and handles all our taxes, payroll, and client paperwork. She does carpools, case-management, and researches constantly innovative ways to improve how Building Beginnings functions. She truly loves and cares about people so much so that she has devoted herself and her life to helping them change their lives.




Tracee is the heart of Building Beginnings. She works tirelessly 7 days a week, answering phone calls, doing case-management, driving carpools, organizing endless paperwork for our employees, jobs, supplies, and billing. While also being a full time mom. She does it all with a smile and an upbeat positive attitude that is infectious.

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